EHSL has a specialized team for security threat assessment; evaluating any risks and developing security strategies, plans,and policies for developments. With rapidly changing dynamics at work and conditions outside of work, it is advisable to all organizations to frequently conduct security surveys, risk assessments and security vulnerability assessments of their organization’s facility, departments or business processes.

All our security surveys and audits are performed in a professional and comprehensive manner to:

  • Determine if your security program addresses your real risks and threats in a more cost-effective manner
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of security and loss prevention
  • Establish a baseline and prioritized perspective on your business position and the way ahead
  • Elicit involvement, understanding,and support of other departments and staff
  • Mitigate security-related liabilities
  • Assure the security program is reasonably defensive in court
  • Often reduce security-based expenditures while increasing or maintaining levels of protection
  • Assure that every spend on security serves your objectives and need.